Podcast: Fossils

Fossils open a window deep into the history of the earth. Through that window we learn about how whales evolved from four-legged creatures to the aquatic animals we know today, we learn about our own species and where we came from, and we learn more about God who made it all. Language of God producer, Colin Hoogerwerf, journeys into the world of fossils alongside paleontologist Ryan Bebej to explore some of these stories. Guest geologist and paleontologist Ralph Stearley introduces us to some of the early Christians who helped figure out what fossils really are and biological anthropologist Cara Wall-Scheffler joins to talk about what fossils can teach us about what it means to be human.

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This episode was fun for me because I went along with Colin to check out the Calvin University fossil collection and talk to Ralph. We got some cool pictures from that day that can be seen on our webpage or on Instagram, so be sure to check them out.


Rebroadcasting this podcast episode today, so bumping this to the top in case anyone wants to have discussion about it. This is one of our most popular early episodes.

Is there a way to make the pictures bigger? I think the “Invertebrate” photo is fossil wood heavily bored by shipworms (the resulting trace fossil is called Teredolites).

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I don’t think so online but let me just paste it here! I thought maybe they were crinoid stems!


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