Podcast Episode: April Cordero | Teaching in the Tension

April Maskiewicz Cordero joins Jim Stump and Kathryn Applegate to discuss what it’s like to teach biology at a Christian college. She shares some of the findings from her research on teaching controversial issues like climate change and evolution.

Wow, what a discussion.

It’s about fear, not about the facts–why YEC can’t accept evolution. They want to be heard because of their fear? That makes sense.
She asks them to write a 2 page paper describing how they would interact with a nonChristian when discussing evolution. That demonstrates to them that she is listening.
She offers 3 different view points to read–YEC, ID, evolutionist (both theistic and nontheistic)–to her students to read. This gives them insight that there is a variety of acceptable interpretations
She always gives time to discuss, and puts human evolution last.
She uses the Origins book by @DeborahHaarsma and @LorenHaarsma.
of 55-70 intro to biology class, 8-10 usually start accepting of evolution as a possibility
By the end, 60% accept evolution without human involvement.

She recounts an example of a young man who out of fear opposed the professors at every stage, but came around with gentle discussion. I can identify with that. In highschool, when I realized I had not been pleasant or kind, but the professor was honestly trying to do her job, I started listening very hard–and that led to my first accepting evolution as a valid theory–and then as the truth.

I certainly am grateful to patient teachers.


“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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