Podcast Episode: Amy & Andy Crouch | Finding the Off Switch

In 2017 Andy Crouch wrote My Tech Wise Family , a practical book about how to have a healthy relationship to technology. In that book was a foreword by his daughter Amy, who called herself Test Subject Number 2. Well Amy has gotten a bit older since that book and has written one of her own, an expansion of sorts to My Tech-Wise Family called My Tech-Wise Life . My Tech-Wise Life is a book filled with wisdom along with practical tips on how to flourish in a world in which technology often pulls us away from reality. In the episode we talk about the book and dig into the differences between science and technology and the balance between when technology is adding to or taking away from our role as image bearers of God.

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Finally got around to this podcast.

I enjoyed it.

I had a hard time to make sense of the whole “technology is not neutral” aspect. I believe it’s neutral and that it’s not merely a grain of salt to say that social platforms can’t be used for good or bad. I think it’s a completely obvious understanding that technology, including things like Facebook, can be used for good or bad.

The idea about the assumptions being played in a sorting negative light was odd. I am not sure of how the idea that “ text messaging apps assumed people wanted a way to use text to communicate “‘was really a assumption since letters and books are a similar technology that performed the same function, just slower.

But I do agree that if you lack self discipline you can definitely end up spending to much time online and cultivating a mock social life that actually empties you of real social interactions and lead to a depressing life.

But I really enjoyed it and I’ll write down the book on my life and get to it eventually perhaps.

The hosts were really entertaining though and kept me listening despite it being a subject I’m not they interested in.

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