Podcast Episode: Alister McGrath: Journey of Science, Story of Faith

Alister McGrath is one of the iconic voices in the dialogue between science and faith. After receiving his doctorate in biological sciences from Oxford University he decided to pursue theology with the same gusto that he approaches all of his intellectual work. Today, he brings his wisdom on these topics that is backed up by multiple doctoral degrees, many books on the subject, and several decades thinking, teaching, and writing about science and faith.

One of my favorite parts: “So for me, narrative apologetics is about realizing that stories capture the imagination and in doing so they make people receptive to or interested in what lies behind those stories,”


This is one of my favorites! I love it when smart people write books about the ideas I already like. Narrative apologetics, I love it!

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all these are terrific podcasts on this list, with great production and a wide range of ideas–but McGrath is also one of my favorites, for his depth and breadth of knowledge (besides his kind approach).

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Just finally finished the episode. It’s been raining so much that I hadn’t been walking my puppy until today, and puppy walks is my podcast listening time. :smile:

He mentioned he’s going to write his last book, and it sounded like one I’ll be interested in. Alas, I’m guessing it’s probably a year or more out until he releases it?

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I don’t remember in the episode what he says it will be about, but this book according to Amazon is coming out in March… Not sure if that is “the last” or not. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1108459994/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi_taft_p1_i0

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It was going to be about his journey from atheism.

Ah okay, yes, I don’t think we’ve heard about the title for that one yet!

I’ve been listening to and appreciating Dr McGrath’s approach to humility (which is consistent with what I know of him). I like the analogy of a story-it’s a way to communicate some imagination and accept uncertainty, when many of us demand rigid certainty.

I wonder if humility would help bring those outside, in the conspiracy theory fold for example, in.


I’m bumping this up because it’s the refeatured episode for today!

Love his insights about the nature of science.

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