Podcast: Deb Haarsma | Caring for our Community in Crisis

We find ourselves three months into a global pandemic, one week into a movement of nationwide protests in response to the death of George Floyd and for this episode Jim Stump, vice president of BioLogos and host of the podcast and Deb Haarsma, president of BioLogos take a moment to talk about where we are, where the church and science can fit in and how the work of BioLogos might have a role in moving forward.

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Good discussion about a broad range of issues. Regarding the racial disparities with Covid-19, it seems to me that medical aspects still play a minor role compared to social and cultural issues. Minorities are more likely to have to continue working rather than socially distance, more likely to take public transportation, more likely to live in multifamily housing and in multigenerational households, all of which contribute to the spread of the disease. No doubt the pre-existing and uncontrolled diseases still play a role, however.

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Interesting and revealing discussion.

It seems to me that BioLogos began with the expectation that it could “fix” Evangelicals who had bad theology by teaching them good science. Many years haver passed and some good science34 has been taught, but the same basic problems persists, because it is not bad science that is the problem, but bad theology.

The answer to the problems of this world is not good science That is the mirage of of unbelief. The answer to the problems of this world is good theology. It is Jesus is the Logos of God.

If you want to fix Evangelicalism is to start from the Beginning, the Logos. If you want to fix the problem of the relationship science and faith, start with the Logos. If you want to address the issue of Natural Selection, Survival of the Fittest, start with the Logos.

Where do we go from here, Chaos or Community? Dualism or Diversity in Unity? The Logos.

Although I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, I really question the photograph chosen for this. It shows all these people wearing masks, and one person doesn’t have the mask over her nose and mouth.

Isn’t that pretty representative of the way things are going? In fact, there seems to be more masks than I see around.

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During all the recent demonstrations the dean of the national cathedral was out there handing out masks.

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It’s a photo from a protest this past week. We didn’t want to use a stock photo for this episode, as it encapsulates both issues that are taking place right now.

In both social distancing and racial activism, nobody is perfect in their execution all the time. :woman_shrugging:

Ok, thanks.

“Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.” -Colossians 4:6

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