Photos from New Institute for Creation Research museum in Dallas

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I can’t bear to look at the proof that you can have a lot more money than brains.

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Besides, who gives a hoot?

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None of your photos are showing up.

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I am a committed EC. I was providing this set of photos as evidence of a huge subculture of millions of Americans that is well represented in metro Dallas.

How do you get photos to show up? I thought I had correctly downloaded them.

Find a photo you want to use. Right click on it and select “copy.” Go to your Biologos post and “paste.”

I’d like to see them, if only to see how they present their case.

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Thanks for your efforts. I have to click on the tiny photo icon in the lower right corner when I edit a response, and then upload from my phone (on a computer screen, it’s a photo icon in the upper margin; in both cases, the icon has a square with a small mountain in it). Sometimes, I can only do one at a time.

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Whoa. Good job.

I am sorry to see that sort of thing. It looks like they need to be called out. I don’t known the rebuttal, but should be clear enough.

Their mistake in this case is to think that carbon dating could tell the truth about something millions of years old. The half life of C-14 is only a little over 5700 years. And after eight or so half lives (say around 50000 years) the amount of C-14 left becomes un-measurable - i.e. buried in contamination or other noise. So any random sample brought in that is millions of years old will of course still register that “noise level” of C-14, which the mistaken sign here identifies as a conclusion that the sample must be only 50000 years old. But that is like parking a truck on a bathroom scale and then concluding the truck must only weigh 400 lbs because the scale is known to max out at 400 lbs and the truck received the scale’s maximum reading.


I recommend the Google Photos App. It’s a fairly painless way to get photos from your phone to where they can be shared. It also has a lot of nice features to help manage your photos, and clean up your phone.

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Hmm, exactly what science would predict you would find using C-14. But I like how they don’t even address how 48,000 to 50,000 years fits into their young earth model.


Nevermind the Laws of Physics behind that curtain, they are of no importance! :wink:

For any interested in the “measurable carbon-14 in ancient samples” issue, it is addressed at the end of the linked PSCF paper.

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