PBS showed "We Believe in Dinosaurs"

I re-watched “We Believe in Dinosaurs” last night on the PBS World channel even though it has been around since 2017. I thought they did a good job overall, and in fact if anything were too easy on AIG as they spent almost all the time on either them or the atheist protest, and very little on other interpretations of early Genesis in Christianity. Like most things these days, it seemed to present a very binary view. Made me wish there were a similar program more inclusive of the range of views concerning the age of the earth and interpretation of Genesis. I am aware of multiple books, but any videos of professional quality anyone is aware of that they would recommend? It would be interesting to see a documentary produced of that nature.

It was interesting that my wife who is more agnostic in her views of creation watched a little in passing, and asked if it were a hit piece on Christianity, as that is pretty much what she was conditioned to expect from secular TV. It definitely was not, other that painting with a broad brush that seemed to associate all Christianity with some of the fringe views.
Any thoughts as to how this documentary has aged?

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40% of Americans is hardly fringe.

Fair enough, but depending on how you ask the question, the percent is a bit lower, and if you consider that that is pretty much just evangelical American Christians, the percent of Christians worldwide falls even further. I’m not sure what you get if you look at worldwide numbers, but suspect it falls below 25% or so, but that is just conjecture. No doubt in many areas it is high, but if you asked American evangetlical Christians outside of a church setting how old the earth is, I wonder what the numbers would be.
I am impressed that though few are in the EC camp, lots of folk in our church identify or at least superficially accept ID (which seems primarily old earth though diverse in views) and RTB, with some still being gap-agers or other old earth-special creationist types.

I worry the figure might be higher. Consider how many in the USA are vaccine deniers and conspiracy theorists.

Among christians in 3rd world countries i expect its a lot higher.

That too would be an interesting correlation. In my church, the percentage of older adults, who presumably are more YEC, who are vaccinated is high, the younger, not so much. And by younger, I mean under 65. The age limit of younger gets higher each year!

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I was talking to a guy at the dog park this morning who said he was 63. I right away saw him as youthful. The scale is definitely sliding or we are.


This country is so far off center with regards to world rationality on so many issues that this is claim is debatable.

Try looking it up

Maybe it’s just my agnostic habits, but I can’t understand why so few people are willing to say ‘I don’t know.’ Why can’t they just say, I’m not quite sure what Genesis is trying to communicate but trust compels me to reject the proposition it’s trying to make scientific claims that are now known to be false? Why the need to make up complicated theories that enable you to claim you fully understand it?

Maybe I’m just thick, but most chapters of the Bible leave me scratching my head. Not just Genesis 1-3! I am quite sure I will still be finding new meaning after many years of re-reading and meditating on every chapter. In fact the Bible has the appearance of being designed for that purpose. Why are people so sure they can pin Genesis down?


That is precisely the problem with many bad interpretations. “This is what it obviously means” is usually not a lead in to good interpretations, particularly with passages that employ extensive symbolism, like the earlier chapters of Genesis and apocalyptic writings.

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You know you’re getting old when your back goes out more often than you do.

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