Parenting: Was Eden a close knit family home?

Eve was unprepared by Dad to recognize a deceiver. The parent child bonding in Eden appears to have been inadequate.
Jesus, copying his Dad, warned his brethren of deceivers.
Are these two Dads the same person ?
Some will say ‘Adam & Eve’ was an archetype, Jesus was real but NT refers to them both as real.

Not sure where you are going with this, but Old Testament parenting skills were abysmal in general. Adam and Eve did poorly, with fratricide the result. Abraham left Isaac with PTSD, and he and their mother left his kids with the mother of all sibling rivalry problems. Jacob was a mess as a father. His kids abandoned the promised land to live in the comforts of Egypt and fell into slavery. No wonder the patriarchal system was described as a curse of sin.


Proverbs tell us to get understanding, Jesus, ’ Seek and you shall find’. We are told that relationship with God and understanding his ‘higher ways’ is something we grow into.The Christian goal is therefore to emulate Father-God. Parents have awesome life-changing responsibilities. But your take on OT Bible families, serves only to underscore my question about our prime role model’s parenting legacy. Did the patriarchs also find Eden’s family life confusing ? Are you inferring that the Eden story, written by patriarchs, reflects THEIR parenting skills and is not history after all ? Back to my topic -
Why did Eve so easily believe a stranger, suspect her loving Dad of evil intent and not run to Him ? Something seems lacking in Eden’s family bonds before the snake was demon possessed or given free access by Dad.

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