Paganisms Revival and its meaning

Ive seen many recently presenting paganism in a new light over the internet.They are basically saying that these "stories:about gods and such is a reflection of our character and our inner self to surpass our limits,Some even propose that legends like Hercules were historical persons.Now of course some of the pagan stories are really silly but what do you think of this? It seems to me that the proponents of this are really trying to add a "deeper"meaning to their pagan myths for some reason

I know people in the pagan community. I even know of areas where theirs is the dominant religion… with considerable diversity still… Wiccans, Taoists, neo-pagans, Native American, …

I am a Christian who is not hostile to paganism. I accept diversity as an inherent aspect of religion.

As far as I know there has always been this sort of belief. Even at one time this same belief was applied to Christianity. Even now it is. A growing number even believes that demons are just metaphors for our own evil.

For me it’s nothing new. I don’t hear it anymore or less than I did as a kid. If anything in my experience it’s less common then when I was younger. Almost everyone I know who was into Wiccan beliefs are mostly now Christians or atheists.

I was asking more about what do you think in generally of things like


Yeah but thats far from what the ancients believed.They actually believed in the 12 gods as real beigns on mount.Olympus.So this new added "meaning"of paganism has no roots whatsoever in the ancient one and i think they are doing this to get more people on that kind of thought that"we all gods"or similar thinking.

Why shouldn’t they? Why does it bother you?

Oh crap, where did I leave my animal pelts?

Seriously I don’t know anything about it. I suppose if one is into ritual and don’t like those of modern religion, why not? Not my thing.

I think that atheism has always existed within our species as long as religion has. Ancient people several thousand years ago may not have been as technological advanced, and I believe emotional intelligence and so on has potentially grown as far as societies are considered, but they did not think or reason through things at less of a capacity than us.

So I imagine there has always been some who viewed it all as just metaphors.

I believe that if we could, for the sake of a point, create a human from found dna of someone 8,000 years ago and when they were 9 months old we took them out of their test tube and raised them up with a family they would be able to comprehend and reason just like we can. Likewise, I think if I could be cloned 8,000 years from now and raised up with that future family I would be able to understand how to operate within that society fully functional as well.

Well, if you look at the myths and stories of the various pagan religions you’ll find that there most definitely are deeper meanings in these myths. A myth is not an untruth, it is a deeper truth expressed through figurative language and stories. Looking at the pagan myths and saying, “what silly unscientific nonsense,” is atheistic post-enlightenment drivel and misses the point of it all and marks the one speaking those words as silly rather than the pagans. This realization isn’t exactly rocket science either, I learned this in grade school.

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Not a problem at all.It just seems silly to me for the new pagan to claim that since his “ancestor” literaly believed in those deities and stories as true.Its like a christian saying that the old testament till the new testament its ALL metaphors and has a deeper meaning about ones self and that Jesus never really existed

I guess it depends.For example i cant figure out what meaning the myths of Zeus coming down and having sexual intercourse with greeces half female population could possibly have but ok

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