Over 230 medical journals: Climate crisis is the "greatest" health threat

Global warming is affecting people’s health — and world leaders need to address the climate crisis now as it can’t wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, editors of over 230 medical journals warned Sunday evening.
“The science is unequivocal: a global increase of 1.5° C above the pre-industrial average and the continued loss of biodiversity risk catastrophic harm to health that will be impossible to reverse,” the editorial warns.

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Over 230 medical journals: Climate crisis is the “greatest” health threat


The climate has never been stable.

Whatever “health threat” there that exists is best mitigated by adaptation.

Death from severe weather has been declining for years.

Nobody said the climate has ever been stable. Read the article.

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How long will that take?

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Citation, please. Are you including the deaths and injuries to fire fighters?

How about homes lost to fires all up and down the west coast? But I guess that must be irrelevant. Flooding in Germany?

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I read news stories on this lately. I will take a look and provide citations when I have a chance, but now I am preparing for some guys to come and take down dead trees in the backyard.

The reports I read noted that heat related deaths have increased and cold related deaths have decreased. The decrease was greater than the increase.

This is not one of the reports that I saw, but it is what I could find quickly.

So you’re promoting doing nothing, it appears.

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No, I am not saying do nothing.

I am saying that:

  1. an overreaction is not helpful,
  2. the predictions of imminent disaster have been wrong,
  3. the climate has never been stable and unchanging, and
  4. adaptation may often be better than attempts at mitigation.

On item 2:

A health threat can be evaluated without anyone dying from it yet, like a future pandemic, perhaps, and readiness for it, so I’m not at all sure how your remarks help prepare for a real threat.

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We were at Glacier last year, and the glaciersaretiny little things, so it appears they are a little off on the timing, but still essentially correct. Of course, the park is actually named for being carved by glaciers, not the glaciers themselves.

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The glaciers in Rocky Mountain National Park are way smaller than they were in the '80s when we were hiking up there every summer.

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It’s from the Heartland Institute. The home of Climate Contrarians.

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