Our Brad in Slate

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Way to go Brad!

(Brad Kramer) #2

Thanks Patrick!

Headline story right now at Slate! Enjoying my 15 minutes of fame.



Fantastic Brad… Happy for you!

(Patrick ) #4

Brad, you generated nearly 800 comments. Didn’t see anybody attack you personally, which is good. The comments were very revealing as millennials seem much less believing that their parents and grandparents. The word “myth” was used a lot. Nevertheless, you did well for Biologos’ mission. They should give you a raise. :smile:

(Patrick ) #6

Your still trending on Slate -854 comments. Similar comments and discussions to what I have seen on Biologos. There seems to be a group of millennials who resonate with your struggle. They seem to come from family’s like yours but didn’t stop at all at EC/TE and went all the way to either agnostism/atheism/nones. There is also a group of millennials (Catholics, Jews, Mainline Protestant) who don’t see the conflict between science (evolution/Big Bang) and faith. So they don’t understand your personal/family struggle. One thing you didn’t say was how is your relationship with your parents now that you are a parent and they are grandparents? As a member of your parents generation, I would be interested if their views have softened with time.

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