Onscript: Sandra Richter--Ecology and the Bible

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@Reggie_O_Donoghue and others interested in the Bible and Christianity’s point of view on environmentalism and the Bible may find this interview interesting. I thought it was a very insightful take. She explores the need for Sabbath rest to save the planet and ourselves. Book: “The Epic of Eden.” She also points out that Deuteronomy and Genesis protect the land,

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I’m currently working on an essay (an EPQ) on whether or not the Bible can be reconciled with ecological and environmental concerns, I will upload it to my personal blog, once it is finished, and may link to it on the forum as well.

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That would be interesting!


I haven’t listened to the podcast, but I recently went to a series of classes taught by a rabbi. He mentioned Genesis 2:15, where man is put in the garden to work it and guard it (take care of it). He also said that according to his tradition, the Sabbath day is supposed to prevent man from over-working the garden (that is, harming the environment).

The course was hosted by an Episcopal church (not my own) and the rabbi runs a Science and Faith organization.

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I have never doubted that Ecology and the Bible were reconcilable. When God commands Adam and Eve to have dominion over the earth would it not be reasonable to assume that he would expect them to do so responsibly? Jesus, in Matthew 6:26 talks about how the Father feeds the birds and compares this care to “how much more” God cares for us.

God has dominion over us, God is love. Should we not learn from Him how to dominate correctly?

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