Old-Earth or Evolutionary Creation? A New Book Shows Fruits of Multi-Year Dialogue

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BioLogos and Reasons to Believe collaborate on book-length discussion on science and the Bible.
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Is there a sample of this book to be had?

How do you get a Creationist to move from “partial but adamant acceptance” of Geology … to acceptance of the rest of Science?

I’m quite curious about it all !!!

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I look forward to the next few articles! I am also heartened by the cordial dialogue between RTB and Biologos.

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This book is very important.

“This book has cultural significance that extends far beyond the origins debate. Here, Christians with deep disagreements chose to worship together, laboring for several years to understand and love each other. In a society marked by angry divisions, the hard work of reconciliation chronicled in this book is rare, beautiful, and an example for us all to follow.”


This sounds like a great book and I’m looking forward to finding out more about it! I enjoy reading both the Biologos and RTB websites so a genuine dialogue between the two sounds like a must-buy for me. It took me a lot of clicking to find the details for the book so I’ll share it here to save others the same bother: ISBN: 978-0-8308-5292-5

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It will be available on amazon.com for $14.93 sometime in the not too distant future. It looks like you can only pre-order at the moment, regardless of which seller you prefer.

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Does anyone know if IVPress plans to release a Kindle ebook version?

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The table of contents is pretty interesting … I had to go to the press kit to get it … because the “interactive” button for letting me read the chapter names worked for approximately 3 tenths of 1 second…

Introduction: How Did We Get Here?

  1. Boundaries: What Views Define Your Organization?

2. Biblical Interpretation: What Is the Nature of Biblical Authority?

  1. The Original Couple: What Are the Range of Viable Positions Concerning Adam and Eve?

  2. Death, Predation, and Suffering: Is “Natural Evil” Evil?

  3. Divine Action: How Does God Interact with the Natural World?

  4. The Scientific Method: Methodological Naturalism or Natural Theology?

  5. Biological Evolution: What Is It? Does It Explain Life’s History?

8. The Geological Evidence: What Is the Natural History of the Earth and the Origin of Life?

  1. The Fossil Evidence: Who Were the Hominids?

10. The Biological Evidence: Does Genetics Point to Common Descent?

  1. The Anthropological Evidence: How Are Humans Unique?

Conclusion: What Is the Next Step?


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It’s not money. Hume describes it perfectly … and I think there’s a footnote about me in his work too …

(Apparently, I was not my mother’s favorite… how disappointing…)

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I’m pretty sure Hume was the one to first coin the phrase:

"If it isn’t Scottish … it’s c [>. rolling r’s here.< ] ud!

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It is heartening to read about the ongoing, civil, discourse between BioLogos and RTB!

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I just finished reading _Old Earth or Evolutionary Creation? and thought it was a pretty good book. My overall impression is that the Biologos participants bested their RTB counterparts, but given that I am firmly in the Biologos camp, no one should be surprised. Notwithstanding that, the book provides the reader a good, broad understanding of the range of issues related to the topic. I plan to encourage others interested in the subject to make a point to read this book.