NT Wright: If Creation is Through Christ, Evolution is What You Would Expect

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NT wright dances around the question did God create the cosmos as written in Genesis. NT Wright uses the wisdom of men to preach the wisdom of God, and this is not from God

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Hi, Daniel; and welcome to the forum. Can you give any details about specific things from the article you think are objectionable?

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I followed NT Wright from a podcast on “The New Perspective on Paul” and landed on your site. He makes the same argument how his new perspective on the New Testament is deeper and more illuminating than previous scholarship, whether its the Gospel or Creation or whatever. He is so busy “re interpreting” the Scriptures he is not preaching the Gospel only distorting it. In this clip he doesnt come right out and say he is an evolutionist then he brings our Lord into it to try and justify his twisting of the literal interpretation of Genesis, this literal interpretation is how Jesus viewed it and it is how we should view it. The kingdom of God is not in word but in power and frankly these modern theologians have way to many words and no power.

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How would you define the gospel, and what do you think Wright changed or left out? Do you think you need to affirm that the world was created in six days to confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart God raised him from the dead to take away your sins and reconcile you to God?


It is good to see you acknowledge that seeing Genesis literally is an interpretation, and thus subject to human error and frailty, just like all interpretations. As we look for meaning in scripture, I think we need that spirit of humility. We are studying Acts in a bible study, and I was impressed how Paul’s Damascus road experience and Peter’s experience of seeing the clean and unclean animals presented were both examples of God revealing to them that their preconceived, comfortable ideas of who God is were in error, and their concept of God radically changed. We too need to be aware that we do not have “God in a box.”


The Bible says Adam, in his rebellion, let sin and death into Creation, before this there was no sin and death. We can adjust and strategize around evolution and try to align it with Scripture, but we always leave a a gaping hole. Once we compromise the absolute miracle of Creation and Adam created as a fully formed human and Eve created from Adam then what? Whats next? The flood and the Ark? The burning bush? The Red Sea? The fire from heaven? The loaves and the fish? The resurrection of our Lord? When I say to the world I believe in Creation as the Bible says it they mock, when I say I believe in Noahs Ark, they mock, and of course when I say Jesus was crucified for the sins of the world and rose from the dead, and will return to judge the living and the dead they mock, yet God will NOT be mocked. My complete faith in the absolute literal interpretation of the Bible will be vindicated and proved before all men when our Lord appears to reclaim His people.

Wow, what a word game you play. My interpretation is an interpretation this validates that my interpretations can be misinterpreted. Can you say that ten times fast? I have one, “Can God make a rock so heavy that he himself cant lift?” As I said, Jesus “interpreted” Scriptures and the Creation as literal, so did Paul, so did every man inspired by the Holy Spirit who wrote Holy Scripture, I think I am in good company.

Reinterpreting Scripture according to human reason and culture is putting God into a “box”,to believe God and His Word for exactly what it says is tp believe Gods ways and thoughts are farrr above our ways and thoughts and his power and abilities are far beyond what we can think or even imagine is giving God and His Word the glory and respect which is due in particular from those made from dirt.

Do you use your culture and reason to interpret scripture? Of course you do. That culture is vastly different than the original author’s culture. And our language is vastly different than the language in which it was originally written , to the extent that if a word for word translation was made from the original manuscripts, we could probably not understand most of it, though those manuscripts have not survived. Of course much of Bible is not strictly literal, and even the literal aspects are there to illustrate concepts that we have to interpret.


Welcome, Dr Malloy. This is a safe place to discuss things. Can you introduce yourself and give some background? I’m a missionary kid from Africa, but currently live in West Michigan as a primary care doc. I loved my growing up there, and my brother still lives there.

It sounds like you have read a lot. I am curious–I just read a review of this question. Does Genesis really say that there was no death before Adam’s fall? I thought it said that Adam brought death on himself, but I don’t see anything about that applying to the rest of creation. Maybe you can teach me. Again, welcome.

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