NT in its World podcast

For all of you interested in how cultural context affects Bible interpretation, Michael Bird and N.T. Wright have launched a five-episode podcast featuring guests, Lynn Cohick, Esau McCauley, Craig Keener, Jeannine Brown, and Nijay Gupta. (Bonus points for diversity and featuring about half the people I follow since I broke down a couple weeks ago and got a Twitter account!)

I will be listening, when I find some free time. Let me know if you get to it before me.


Thanks. Sounds really interesting. I enjoy everything from NT Wright so far. I also still have never had a Twitter. I finally got IG a month or two ago.

You shouldn’t have said that. Now I have the honor of being your first follower on Twitter! lol

Ha! I’m super honored. Don’t be disappointed in my lack of “Twitter presence.” I mostly intend to treat it as a spectator sport. Though all the Eric Metaxas banter is testing my lurker resolve.


Just take a look at my Tweets & Replies timeline. Who to follow? Let me introduce you to #WeirdEvangelicalTwitter. Lol.

Edit: Oh, you need to follow some folks and get some more followers or everyone will assume you’re a bot if you do speak up.

Skye Jethani and Esau McCauley talked to me. I must not sound very bot-like.

Your reputation precedes you!

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