NOEO Curriculum?

So far our science has been super introductory early elementary. Easy, light, fun, simple. We use Sonlight, and I generally like that I can make edits on the fly about how our family believes certain things (history, science, faith wise). They do leave a good deal up to the parents, so it works. And os many good books. So many.

Facebook got me with a great ad (darn facebook for such good targeted ads) from NOEO science. Has anyone used it for their science? Any opinions?

Thanks! Hope you are all doing well and getting your shots! :wink:

We (me being the student) basically pieced together curriculae from various sources that we found, so I can’t really give any advice.

As a side note, I’m rather impressed Facebook actually gave a relevant ad. The standard pattern for me is “I’m not any more in the market for a car, or insurance than I was last time; let alone cigars.”

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I have heard positive reviews. I dug up this old Well Trained Mind thread, which has comments from users:

This made me laugh. FB has me pretty nailed down. Lots of camping stuff (we’ve been planning our summer camping trips and shopping REI sales), homeschool stuff, and more. Sometimes its way off, but I giggle when it’s right.

Thanks for that. I’m happy so far with our Sonlight stuff (usually-every now and then a book needs updating for sure). I’ll keep this in mind for one day when I may need something different!

Cough, cough, Usborne Book of Knowledge

I had noticed an ad for that too, and went to their website to check out their FAQ. I love this part (in response to whether Christian references are included in the curriculum):

We assume that Christian parents already make Bible study an integral and essential part of the child’s daily schedule. We believe that science, for Christians, is simply observing and truthfully describing God’s creation. Our books are carefully selected to provide marvelous examples of all of the wonders of His creation. Our curriculum is written to provide a framework for an organized study of science, not as a tool to provide our own commentary. If science is viewed from a Christian perspective, then His invisible qualities will be clearly seen (Romans 1:20) without any need for comments from us.

We have also chosen not to include Scriptural references in our materials outside of the introductions. Many science programs are being marketed as Christian homeschool science because they have sprinkled in a Bible verse here and there. Some of these programs use verses that are clearly taken out of context. In our opinion, it is unacceptable to teach children to mold Scripture to fit our needs rather than allowing it to teach us in context. We instead recommend that a complete, sound Bible study be used in conjunction with our curriculum (or any other).

At another point, they address evolution “and other secular ideas,” and say that they don’t tend to include commentary on these kinds of issues, or dogmatic presentations, but do bring the topics up because kids need to hear about them.

In spite of the fact that evolution is referred to as a “secular idea” (I mean, I guess it is, but no more than other scientific ideas), I would certainly be much more open to a curriculum that holds these kinds of views than most other Christian science textbooks I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll keep them in mind for later on.

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haha. Yes. That one. But some of those other Usborne books are amazing.

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They are constantly hunting for better replacements in curriculum and would love the feedback! They have been doing a lot of updating to more diverse voices, recently.

Hillary, who’s looking for more feedback? Just to make sure I didn’t miss something!

Sonlight. :slight_smile:

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Novare is a good option for science texts:
We’re using the high school chemistry book right now. The labs can be challenging for individual implementation in terms of the practicality - not all chemicals are available in the amounts that just one student would need, for example, and equipment is needed that you don’t just have around the home, but they give actual experience in chemical problems rather than just being a fun demonstration. .

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