Nobel Winner on Evolution Research

It’s a global conspiracy… …right up there with flat-earthism’s claims.

  • “Paabo has spearheaded research comparing the genome of modern humans and our closest extinct relatives, the Neanderthals and Denisovans, showing that there was mixing between the species.”
  • I’m just a little surprised. For some reason, I thought that was “old news”. AND, you can get a Nobel Prize for that?

The work is, the award is not (there is often multiple decades lag between them? ; - ).

Good to know. I still have a chance.


That is typical for Nobel prizes. It sometimes takes years or decades before a new discovery is proven well enough and thought significant enough to merit the award. A couple of my med school profs received the Nobel prize for work they had done 10 years or so before on cholesterol metabolism ( Dr. Goldstein and Brown ).


A well deserved award for Svante. His and David Reich’s work have revealed a much greater history for the homo species than was ever imagined.

@Dale edited your title to better reflect what the subject is about, but moved your little quip to your opening post.

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I will chime in with my own “well deserved”. His work on sequencing ancient DNA has greatly enriched our understanding of our history, and the history of evolution in other species. Paabo did what many thought was impossible at the time, and we are the better for it.


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