Noah’s Ark, dinosaurs, and a theme park

Noah’s Ark, dinosaurs, and a theme park

This article from the Boston Globe is about Ken Ham’s Creation Museum and upcoming Noah’s Ark Park. It touches on a lot of important issues. Brad Kramer and Pete Enns are both mentioned.

“AiG has, in fact, a logical answer for every question that could ever occur to a doubter.”

Evidently employing a different definition of the word “logical” than the one most of us find in our dictionaries…

That was a really well-written article. Thanks for sharing.

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You guys are, like, famous!

Doesn’t it seem a little bizarre that they plan on building a "replica " of the Tower of Babel? After all, didn’t God sort of get upset about the building of the original? At least in the literal reading…

And regarding the army of contractors or professional builders who are no doubt involved in getting this modern ark constructed in time, it would be interesting to hear what would no doubt be a newly heightened respect for what Noah and his three sons accomplished presumably on their own steam. We’re not told how many years Noah was at it, but that’s a lot of work (and millions of modern dollars) crammed into those eight words casually mentioned at the end of Genesis 6.

I can just imagine discussions between Ham (the modern one) and the contractors … “whaddya mean you all are having trouble meeting this deadline?! Are you telling me that all of you can’t quickly do what four guys with no power tools did?”

In keeping up with the building, I have often wondered if the building of the ark replica is in fact the best proof that the story is not to be taken literally, given the expense, difficulty, use of modern materials etc. It will be interesting to see if this project with ultimately be successful financially for AIG, or if it will be the downfall.

Further questions can be referred to my agent, @Christy.

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At any rate, you can bet that each ancient structure replica will have very modern cash registers. And all major credit cards accepted.

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For a limited time, BioLogos will be selling holy pictures of St. Brad, blessed by the dude himself!

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Forget the blessing. What about the autograph?

Icons forthcoming.

Yeah? What about relics?

When I first heard how much the ark was going to cost, I thought it would perform a very useful function–a practical demonstration that Noah’s Ark as described in Genesis is an impossibility. Even if the modern Ark could float, how likely would it be to be seaworthy in the waves that would occur on a worldwide sea? Especially while the winds blew hard enough to blow away the flood in a matter of days.
Edward Hitchcock complained in the middle 19th century that people who tried to explain the story of Noah as a literal, natural event, when pressed on practical matters, always resorted to the answer, “Well, God could have done it,” turning the Flood into a miracle rather than a natural event.

Hitchcock also came up with an idea I had not heard before–if the winds blowing away the waters from the flood had absorbed that much moisture, there would have been torrential storms that would have caused the flood never to have gone away.

Here is the web site for the Ark Encounter. Look carefully at all the photos on the landing page. You will notice that they are using DuPont Tyvek® as a construction material. Just like Noah did!

@BradKramer I would pay a goodly sum if you converted that into a Sumerian style seal - - you know… the kind you roll over a lump of clay … and lost souls find it 4000 years from now … 4016 CE !

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