Nietzsche And Nihilism

Nietzsche is best known fir his works on nihilism and certain philosophies. Whats your opinion on him? How should we christians respond to that nihilism philosophy that Nietzsche supported? As Christians we sure do have a meaning but its that really a case?

I have certainly encountered quite a few people who really liked Nietzsche. I do not.

…but this is not a matter of making a judgement after having read a substantial portion of what he wrote. It is more a matter of making a snap judgement to decide whether I even wanted to read what he wrote. That judgement was based on what he said about the death of God and the ubermensh discarding traditional morality. Though, as I read up on this, it seems that many interpret this in a different way as discarding the other worldly morality of religion.

Its not like other examples, like Plato, A. N. Whitehead, and Thomas Kuhn, where I read quite a bit of what they wrote and greatly disagreed with and disliked their ideas.

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