News about Grandmother Fish


“Grandmother Fish” is a book that teaches evolutionary concepts to preschoolers. The first edition started as a Kickstarter campaign and the first edition soon sold out. But now it has been picked up by a major publisher–Macmillan–and is available for purchase again. Read about it here. As I recall, @AMWolfe and a few others were enthusiastic about this book. Others viewed it with suspicion.

(George Brooks) #2

That is a GREAT title! I can see the pre-schoolers getting pretty fascinated with the idea that their Great-Great … Grandmother was a fish! :smiley:


Ever read “Your Inner Fish” by Neil Shubin? Very interesting!

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #4

I really enjoy the book for all my youngsters.

I’m on their mailing list as well so I’ve been getting the updates about re-publication. Good news for them!

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