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We want to equip youth ministers with the resources to responsibly and faithfully address issues of faith and science for their students.
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try faith and logic instead. I’d suggest 10 questions that every intelligent christian should answer
or the best optical illusion in the world
to teach them about prayer. It is sad that many people believe God to be Santa’s big brother to pray to in order to have reality to comply with your wishes instead of “thy will be done” Show them how God heals amputees by giving them wings not spare legs by showing them
and explain the limitation of thinking that healing means material completeness. you can even look up the WHO definition
If you have trouble to answer the questions with logic apply the critical thinking about the assumptions underlying the 10questions. Otherwise you will you fall for the video as you fail the test for critical thinking. It is a clever way to tempt the viewer to make him think that if he fails to reach the same conclusion as the maker of the video he does not think critical. By the way the marriage statistic was not only wrong, you can also make an interesting lesson here between correlation and causality.
Aim of the session should be to allow them to understand the logic of prayer, not to make the world to comply with your wishes and give you your miracle but to make you comply with God’s wishes and make you his miracle.

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