New Perspective on Paul


Oh, Wow! Terry! I gotta finisnh the gifford lectures, and then I will be right over here. I’m looking forward to reading the articles and catching up on this.


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Podcast on Paul and Palestinian Judaism by Sanders

New Podcast on Dunn and the New Perspective on Paul

I listened to the second one as part of a long playlist while we traveled to view the eclipse. It is informative. Both are from the NT Review which is a critical podcast by two NT Scholars (Ian Mills and Laura Robinson). They generally stick with reviewing some of the most influential NT works…


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Well, I definitely have my next quarter’s assignment!

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@Terry_Sampson, While I’m finishing up processing Wright’s Gifford lectures, I want to check to see, if you’re still interested in this thread and the articles. Also want to check to see if @Vinnie is interested or anyone else.


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  • Only interested if it evolves into a Wright, Wink, and Stringfellow thread.

The beloved disciple wrote the following 30 years after paul died…

12Here is a call for the perseverance of the saints who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

If you think Christ told Paul something differemt in vision to what he taught John, then one of them is lying!

Id also suggest you read the N/T book of James!

Great scholars you people listen too!

Cross referencing people, cross referencing!

Buzz off, Brother. You’re not shedding any light here.

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The wikipedia article cited an individuals belief that is wrong in its interpretation of scripture and messed up its history!

Christ higlighted that the pharasees had corrupted the law and made it a burden…it was never intended to be a burden.

Read Romans chapter 4

Dont you know, even Abraham was saved by faith?

No one was ever saved by works in either testament of the bible! All Christians usually already know this!

Finally, there is no difference between the covenants. Its how they are recorded that changed…tablets of stone to writing on our hearts and in our minds!

Silly, Abraham was saved by God, in whom he trusted long before the Law was given at Sinai and before there was a Tabernacle or a Temple.

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  • Actually … can I change my mind? I don’t remember what I was thinking when I said “No.”
    • Wright, Bird, Wink, and Stringfellow are “Powers” folks. Technically, so is Paul, but if I’m not mistaken nobody has suggested that he isn’t, but the “New Perspective on Paul” is more about “justified by faith”, no?

I don’t know what it’s about yet, really. I listened to a friends outstanding write up of her class notes yesterday but was too tired to to really comprehend them. I will try again. My primary interest in this tread is to learn what Wright’s NPoP IS. Although I can see from the exchange above it still stirs things up like it did when it was “new”.

  • A mosquito can stir some up. I hope to ascertain for myself whether NPoP is a mosquito or something much bigger.
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Ok, Terry. Thanks. I will start the articles and videos you sent. It’ll probably take a few days. TIme is short as we enter the “employment” phase of my week.

I have already started Wright’s and Bird’s book. Very promising. It should present some very good challenges.

Regarding cross-referencing, it’s interesting how Wright does just that after lovingly, painstakingly studying the historical context of the events and people who are part of the biblical texts in an attempt to gain the clearest view he can of what those texts are saying, allthewhile truthfully admitting that he, like every other reader, will bring his own lenses with him. Folks can scream “Cross reference!” all they want and still miss or misunderstand or misconstrue important things, assuming their method is correct, unbiased, harmonious with the mind of God. Infallible.

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  • New Perspective on Paul
  • That link will take you to the paper delivered by N.T. Wright delivered at the 10th Edinburgh Dogmatics Conference, Rutherford House, Edinburgh, (2003), which I have posted on my Google Drive.
  • Wright has also posted the same paper at .New Perspective On Paul on his website.

You piqued my interest enough to start listening to this today


The wikipedia link you shared above was a good intro. Thanks, Terry.
I will start noting things and immursing.