New Personal Story: From Generational Atheism to Community in Christ: A Scientist’s Journey

From @sygarte, a shortened version of his testimony that can be found in his new book!



Thanks for sharing your story, Sy! That was encouraging to read.


Baptized at 65! A remarkable journey, @sygarte. Glad to see it in print for others to share. Since you’re not much for self-promotion, I’ll put the link here for you:

The Works of His Hands: A Scientist’s Journey from Atheism to Faith (Kregel 2019)

Keep up the good work at God and Nature!


Thanks Jay. I’m eagerly awaiting your next contribution.

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You’re too kind. Building a website has been consuming me lately. Keep an eye on this space: Becoming Adam, Becoming Christ. If you see anything you like, I’d be glad to elaborate on it for you.