New Moderator: James (@jpm)

We’ve got a new addition to our moderator team: James (@jpm)!

James (@jpm) has been a consistent presence here on the Forum since it opened in January of last year. He’s a medical doctor hailing from Texas, with plenty of wisdom to contribute across the span of topics discussed here. He will be helping @Christy, @Casper_Hesp and I to keep the peace, and promote positive, helpful, gracious dialogue. We recently passed the 1000 user mark, and our daily traffic continues to increase (we average 60-80 posts a day). Keeping on top of all the discussions here is a daily challenge, and we’re thrilled to have additional help.

A reminder that if you need to contact a moderator, either “flag” a problematic post (or topic), or create a new private message and type “moderators” in the recipient box. This is the best way to make sure that all the moderators are aware of the issue.


Congrats @jpm!

Thank you for the kind introduction. I hope to be a positive influence, and will probably ease into things a bit in the role as moderator. As a physician, I am in more of an applications sort of role, and have learned a lot from the theologically trained and the true scientists on the site.
I look forward to many interesting (and civil!) discussions.


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