New Homeschool Families, Welcome to the Club!

@Christy gives a little pep talk and encouragement for starting up!


Great article. Encouraging tips for these strange days!


I find it ironic how many classical curriculums reject ID given the centrality of ID to the western classical tradition. Are they really reading their Plato, Aristotle, Aurelius, Cicero, Virgil, Dante and Aquinas and missing this?

Here’s a good reference for how essential ID is to the thought of the major classical authors:

The classical authors are rolling in their grave that sophists and epicureans have won the day with evolution, and that it is even being peddled as being consistent with their thought instead of antithetical. A very sophist thing to do! Calls into question the level of scholarship of these Christian classical curriculums…

There’s intelligent design (something accepted by all Christians) and Intelligent Design or ID promoted by Discovery Institute. Don’t pretend Intelligent Design (ID) is the same thing as the general idea that an intelligent Creator is the source of creation and his eternal qualities and divine nature are clearly seen in what has been made. Paul was no ID enthusiast just because he referred to the general idea. ID did not exist prior to the 1990s. Nice try.

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It certainly is the same thing. ID arguments are the same as all the classical arguments. I can give you a Plato quote if you want.

The only difference is ID has more mathematical rigor based on information theory.

No one goes to the ancient Greeks to be informed about modern science. Come on. Maybe you can give me some Aristotle quotes about motion while you’re at it, and we’ll just pretend Newton’s laws didn’t replace them.

you’d be surprised

read some a e taylor on plato’s timeaus

Actually, Newton mostly agrees with Aristotle when it comes to motion. Momentum and inertia are only products of teleology, i.e. gravity. So in the big picture the Aristotelian cosmology is correct. As Dante would say evrything ultimately moves by love, i.e. attraction. It’s a universal principle that seems to cut across all the scientific disciplines.