New high school science and faith resources

(Chris Stump) #1

@Homeschool_Forum A new website is now up with free downloadable materials for Christian schools and homeschooling. It’s called Faith and Science Teaching or FAST for short :wink: There are tons of great new resources here created by our friends at the Colossian Forum and The Kuyers Institute at Calvin College. Go check them out and then stop back here to leave your impressions. I think they’re a great addition to what’s out there for Christian educators who want to more intentionally help students grapple with faith and science.

(Andrew M. Wolfe) #2

What a fantastic treasure trove of materials! My kids are still too young to dive into most of these materials, which I suppose would be my one disappointment with them. :slight_smile: Perhaps in time they’ll produce materials for the younger grades!

Otherwise, I didn’t look at more than a couple of the lesson PDFs/PPTs but they cover quite a breadth of material across several disciplines, and it looks like they make it quite straightforward to download all the materials and use them in a classroom setting – for free, at that! The graphic design is quite high quality to my eyes, which shows nice attention to detail. Also, a minor point, but as a father to girls, I’m encouraged to see that one of their two main photos on the welcome page features a group of young women in a lab instead of (stereotypically) young men.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this resource with us! I trust many will find it useful!


I (quickly) looked through a couple of lessons. I like the spirit of what I read, and think the material could be helpful. The two lessons I looked at could be used even in middle school. Thanks for sharing that!