New Genesis 1 Bible Project Video

The Bible Project put up a new video on Genesis 1 that is really excellent. Hope you get a chance to check it out, bookmark it, and share it with friends who are unfamiliar with ideas like the framework view or the image of God as a representative calling.


Have you seen the creation one? I love Bible Project but the creation video they recently posted seems like the original YEC story. What do you think Christy? Thanks

Can you post a link so I know which one you are talking about?

Many times the Bible project videos talk about the biblical accounts as they are written, as literature, without coming down one way or the other on the “factuality” or “literal history” of the account. The original “YEC story” (God created the world in six days, God created a man from dust and woman from a rib and put them in a garden, they ate forbidden fruit, etc.) is what is in Genesis 1-3. The question is what inferences we should draw from the story.

Ohh sorry. Turns out im speaking about the same video.Doesnt the video narrates the creation story and then adds a little hint at the end as an explanation of the view of the image of God? To me the first part where they showed the creation and six days etc etc was absurd. Im sorry if my mind is going that way but that was as YEC as it can be.

It’s what the text says. They are explaining the text.

They didnt need all that illustration of the “literal” for them 6 days creation in my opinion. They wasted half the video on that. For me its really a shame pushing YEC theology-ideollogy (pseudo-science). Maybe they didnt intend to but anyways.

Nick, they were explicating the text. They illustrated what the text says and presented the framework view, which is literary analysis. It’s a visual commentary. Commentaries refer to what is written. It’s kind of sad if you have so much YEC interpretive baggage you can’t even listen to the creation story as it is written without it being triggering. Nothing in the video implies, “therefore we must infer the world was literally created in seven days 6,000 years ago exactly in the way we depicted in these animations that were based on the story.”

Excellent video. Nick, I feel it really is fairly neutral on the YEC-EC issue, but I actually thought there were points that my YEC friends would object to and claim it was evolutionary propaganda, such as the plants and animals including humankind coming from the earth. In fact, I might be a little hesitant to share it with them because of that, though it would be good for some to stretch their limits.

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