New editor at CT

I was just reading an interview with the new editor of Christianity Today, Daniel Harrell, and thought it something you guys might enjoy.

He also has written a book that some of you may be familiar with though I have not read, titled
Nature’s Witness: How Evolution Can Inspire Faith (Living Theology).

In the interview, he mentioned how difficult it was at one point in his career to find another church as a pastor, perhaps due to his book. In any case, it should be interesting, especially given the bang the previous editor exited with. He would be an interesting person for a podcast also.

In any case, his story is thought provoking, especially given the recent death of his wife. What do you think about the sacrifice made when pastors and editors stand for a position? (Let’s not get into politics on this!)


I just listened to his interview on the CT podcast.
He talks about his book and science and faith at the 18 minute mark. There is even a shout out to BioLogos.


Dan used to be one of our advisors. Very cool he’s in that position now.

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Dan also did the afterword for Adam and the Genome, and several folks have singled it out as being an excellent part of the book for them.


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