New Documentary on Dr. Anthony Fauci

A new documentary on Dr. Anthony Fauci will be streaming on DisneyPlus starting on October 6. You may view the trailer here: Fauci DisneyPlus Trailer
It looks very good.


With his signature blend of scientific acumen, candor and integrity, Dr. Anthony Fauci became America’s most unlikely cultural icon during the COVID-19 pandemic. A world-renowned infectious disease specialist and the longest-serving public health leader in Washington, D.C., he has overseen the U.S. response to 40 years’ worth of outbreaks, including HIV/AIDS, SARS and Ebola. Crafted around unprecedented access to Dr. Fauci, National Geographic Documentary Films’ “FAUCI” is a revealing portrait of one of our most dedicated public servants.


Thanks for posting this! I look forward to watching.
I remember as a resident, reading “Journal Watch” and listening on CD to his impassioned plea that the US spend a “drop in the bucket” to save millions of widows and children living with HIV in Africa. As a result, he got President Bush to save 14-15 million in Africa.

Q&A: PEPFAR architect Anthony Fauci on the initiative’s transformational impact | Devex

In the HIV epidemic, many said he was the only doctor who listened to those in the US who were dying with the disease.

I read that he worked so hard and late that his children and wife would wait supper till 9 pm so they could eat with him.

He’s truly a remarkable man.



And yet people so easily throw him under the bus as someone who would pay the Chinese to enhance a virus in order to bring about a pandemic, all to support other bad choices they’ve made about who to align with. I hope they shoot that vicious lie down with a vengeance.


Yes indeed. Such an evil man, trying to save lives. Nat Geo used some slick CGI to hide his devil horns.


This documentary was excellent! Please try to see it! Dr. Fauci, who grew up in Brooklyn, attended St. Regis High School, a private Catholic school for boys run by the Jesuits. They instilled in the boys the idea that they should live lives in service to others. (The Jesuit order is interesting in that they don’t live in monasteries. They devote themselves to teaching and science.) It’s sad seeing all the grief Dr. Fauci, now 80 years old, has been subjected to during his career. Good thing he’s New York Tough.


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