New Directions at BioLogos

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(Dennis Venema) #2

It has been a huge privilege to write regularly (ok sometimes more regularly than others - :slight_smile: ) for BioLogos for the past six-plus years. The organization has grown tremendously, and I am convinced that we are having a very positive impact on the origins discussion among evangelicals. And yes, I’ll still be around on the forums, and write pieces once in a while, most likely.

(Dr. Ted Davis) #3

I echo strongly what Dennis just said. In a few weeks I will close out my time as a BL Fellow with a column reflecting on the (nearly) six years I devoted to that role. Merry Christmas to all!

(Peter Wolfe) #4

Jim, regarding funding Biologos, have you considered opening a Canadian charity where we Canucks can get the benefit of the tax receipt? I already support a US based charity with only a US receipt so adding another is a stretch. Thanks!

(Dennis Venema) #5

That looks like a question for @jstump - and it’s a good one. I’ve tagged him so he will be more likely to see it.

(James Stump) #6

@Peter_Wolfe I just asked our advancement people about this. Evidently you’re not the first to inquire (or do you enquire up there?) after Canadian charity status in recent weeks (no doubt sparked by your Governor General’s recent comments). It looks like you have to have a physical office of some sort in order to qualify. (Perhaps we need to co-opt Dennis’s office and make it BioLogos - BC?) Our people are interested in pursuing this, but we’re juggling competing priorities at the moment, so unfortunately we don’t have a projected timetable. Thanks for your interest.

(Dennis Venema) #7

I’m printing the sign for my door as we speak… :slight_smile:

In all seriousness, it would be great to get this sorted. I’ve been asked by other Canadians if this is a possibility also. Canadians (on the whole) are usually quite supportive of the BioLogos mission.

(Peter Wolfe) #8

What Dennis said.