New book from Denis O. Lamoureux!

Denis @DOL wrote a new book: Struggling with God & Origins: A Personal Story

"This is a story about struggling with God. As a freshman college student, Denis Lamoureux lost his boyhood Christian faith because of evolution. With no spiritual foundation, he made medical school his idol and eventually became an immoral atheist. Yet by God’s grace, and in an answer to his mother’s prayers, Denis read the Gospel of John and fell in love with the Prince of Peace while serving in the military as a United Nations peacekeeper on the island of Cyprus.

This is also a story about struggling with origins. Like most evangelical Christians, Lamoureux was a staunch young earth creationist. But the Lord had a plan for his life and led him to complete a PhD in theology and a PhD in biology. To his surprise, Lamoureux discovered that the Creator evolved intelligently designed living creatures that declare the glory of God. Through miraculous signs and wonders, the Lord Jesus called Dr. Lamoureux to be a college professor and to proclaim a peaceful relationship between his evangelical Christian faith and the modern evolutionary sciences."

He has generously allowed for the kindle version to remain very affordable for anyone interested!


Thank you Hillary.
The Lord has been more than good in taking care of my needs. It’s only right to make the book as inexpensive as possible (which is 99 cents on Amazon). This is the book I wish I would have had entering university in 1972. I’m pretty sure it would have made me re-think of going down the atheistic route that I did go down.

And if folks want to do a Zoom session to talk about the book, I’m happy to do so at no cost.

In Christ,


Would that every YEC would read it thoughtfully!

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Have my copy ordered, looking forward to reading.


I’ve read the book, and do recommend it. I’m looking forward to further discussion! Thanks.

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