New Blog: I am in a COVID vaccine trial

Our very own Deb Haarsma, President of BioLogos, elected to participate in a vaccine trial. Read about her experience and how she feels it was handled as a scientific study.

“We need to prevent spreading the disease to those we love the most. Yet we can thank God for the blessings we still have, and pray for those who have been hit hardest—the sick, the grieving, the healthcare workers, and those who have lost jobs. Let’s keep looking for ways to love and serve our families and neighbors through this crisis. May Christians be known as the people most wise in discerning science, most courageous in fighting for justice, and most compassionate in caring for the sick. We should be the ones most willing to make sacrifices for the sake of others, following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.”



I am in the Pfizer trial, and my experience has been similar, except my first visit wasn’t nearly that long. :laughing: The consent forms were very clear, written in layperson language on purpose. I was encouraged to ask any questions I had. Everything was double blind, with the placebo being saline solution. I reported daily in an app for the first week after each injection (there were 2), and then once a week thereafter. It was very clear that I can leave the trial at any time.

The only thing I’m still not sure about is what happens after EUA. At the beginning of the trial, that answer wasn’t known by the local research group, but the nurse said that if they don’t vaccinate the placebo group or tell us which shot we got, she would suggest getting an antibody test, because if I had been vaccinated, it would easily show up on that. The research group doesn’t have access to the data to know which shot I got. In a medical emergency, I have a card that lets doctors call someone who can access that data.

I do suspect I was in the placebo group, simply because I had zero side effects. Not even a sore arm.

The trial has been a good experience, and I always felt like they had safety in mind every step of the way.


Awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience!

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