New Atheists, the God of the Gaps, and What’s Wrong with the “Conflict Thesis”

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I thought there was a typo … but I answered my own question …

we should all like the Complexity Thesis better than the Conflict Thesis!

"One such scholar is John Hedley Brooke, who in a 1991 book advanced what is now called the Complexity Thesis for science and religion:

“There is no such thing as the relationship between science and religion. It is what different individuals and communities have made of it in a plethora of different contexts. Not only has the problematic interface between them shifted over time, but there is also a high degree of artificiality in abstracting from the science and religion of earlier centuries to see how they were related” (Brooke, Science and Religion: Some Historical Perspectives, p. 321, bold type not in the original)."