New Article: What would life beyond Earth mean for Christians?

I agree that what is in the Bible was written for humans on earth. Gospel is about salvation of humans and, in a wider sense, of the creation living on earth.

Thinking that what has happened on earth is what matters in other galaxies is very human- and earth-centered thinking. It is not God-centered thinking. God has created the wonders of the universe. I see no reason why He could not have created life in other galaxies. If He has created life elsewhere, it is not our business to decide the fate of these other creatures.

Teeming with life. Angels are over the place, plus God. Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and all those who have gone to heaven.

Indeed. Inhabited ones are. Earth.

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Not gonna lie, I really don’t see the existence of aliens as any different from that of angels. We know as Christians that humans aren’t the only intelligent species God has made.

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Do angels really qualify as a “species”? They seem to not really fulfill standard biological definitions of being alive: not requiring physical energy, not reproducing, etcetera.


Regardless of how you define species, the point still stands, they are intelligent, and they aren’t human.

But they don’t have to exist whereas aliens - others - do.

What do you mean ‘they don’t have to exist’? Does anything need to exist?

Yes. Aliens have to exist. Because we do.

As a matter of probablility?

With Klax, there is no probability. Only certainty. :wink:


Aye, to assume that we are naturally the only sapient species on 10^24 worlds in our infinitesimal universe of infinity from eternity is… unsound. Wherever it can rain, life will almost inevitably follow and evolve, at least on rocky worlds.

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The assumption that life evolves when conditions are beneficial is an assumption. There may be life on other planets but we do not yet have any evidence for or against the assumption. Using life on Earth as evidence is not a strong argument. When N=1, we cannot say whether the incident is unique or not.

It’s an assumption of normality, of mediocrity, of uniformitarianism, of Kolmogorov Complexity, of common sense, of humility. In faith or not. You, me, humanity, Earth are nothing special at all, in God or no.

Maybe not exceptional, but incredibly cool. All of it.



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