New Article: Reading Up On Our Christian Responsibility in a Changing Creation

David Buller simultaneously reads a book on creation care and also a well-known novel, and ponders how their messages prompt him to view the responsibility of creation care in a new way.


An enjoyable article. Good books often touch us by appealing to those deeper truths. While we have been discussing various aspects of creation care and how it relates to the Christian life lately, I think one statement David that made that resonates most with me theologically is: “What matters is whether we’ve accepted our own responsibilities as image bearers and caretakers in God’s creation.”
The image that places in my mind is one given by C.S.Lewis in Four Loves where he describes the love of friendship as standing shoulder to shoulder, viewing the same scene, and desiring the same thing. Having grown up on a farm, it also reminds me of standing by my Dad, looking over a field and discussing what plans were in place for that land and the work needed to accomplish that goal.


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