New Article: Pioneering Women of Paleontology

This piece from Berta M. Moritz informs about three women in the UK that were some of the earliest female fossil hunters. Did you know about these women?


Great article! I didn’t learn about Mary Anning until a few years ago, so I’ve been meaning to read more about her. Has anyone read Remarkable Creatures? It’s a fictionalized story of Anning and one of her friends that looks interesting.

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Is it true that the she sells sea shells song is about Mary Anning?

If anyone was interested:

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I was familiar with the story of William Buckland and a bit of his wife Mary. The Buckland‘s were living in a time where we knew that if there was a global flood it basically had to be constrained to effects close to the surface of the earth. It had no explanatory power even in the early 1800s to explain all of the deep columns and layers of geological strata. They were one of the last great advocates of there being a global deluge in the geological community, but a very close study of a lot of fossilized feces that changed! I first came across them thanks to @Joel_Duff:



Or not. The story is a bit more complex.


She was well-know, but I think “probably inspired by” is as close to an answer as anyone can get.

Mary Anning is on a postcard on my desk, every day. :slight_smile:


Don’t you think it’s about time to mail the dang thing?

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Har! I have various symbols on my (roving) desk, and she’s one of them (far right postcard).


An impressive Woman Card. Has anyone ever asked you to turn it in? I’ll see your AZ flag and raise you this one:

:laughing: No, thank goodness, so I retain my right to earn 78% of what my female colleagues earn, to be interrupted and talked over, to be called ‘Ms’ instead of ‘Dr’ and to be catcalled on the street. Life is good.

And I like your flag too. :blue_heart:


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