New Article: Genetic Testing and the Christian Faith, by Kelli Swan

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Genetic Testing and the Christian Faith: Navigating the Tension Responsibly

The issue of genetic testing will only become more important as technologies increase. How should Christians navigate these waters? Kelli Swan is a genetic counselor and has herself had to decide what to do with all the information available to us now.

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In response to the article question about dealing with the problem Christians may have with genetic testing, I would suggest being more explicit about what the testing is for . Like…

Instead of calling it genetic testing… say “screening for genetic disorders and risks which are easily treatable if caught early enough.”


Because various movies and books might suggest to them that “genetic testing” means something like deciding which babies are good enough to be allowed to live.


It is true that “genetic testing” carries some baggage to some. There are a lot of different situations that testing applies to in addition to screening, so we have to make sure we include those also ( cancer risks, diagnostic testing, testing for carriers of genetic disorders, etc.)

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