New Article: Does Science Disprove Faith? A Sermon by John Ortberg

This piece has been adapted from the transcript of a sermon delivered by John Ortberg at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church on January 5, 2014, and has been edited for length.

In it, Ortberg addresses many of the questions that people often struggle with when confronted with the science & faith discussion.

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Hi Hillary,

I’ve just done my best to read through the article. I don’t mind reading content a little heavy but personally - I found the article very verbose. Painfully so. I didn’t feel it grabbed the issues by the horns and really got stuck into them either, more of a surface level “just because one thing says this it doesn’t meant that” type of treatment of the issue.

The article nonetheless did have a few little pearls throughout - the mention of the boiling kettle and how religion and science would explain it and I liked the comment about whales not being the most significant animal because they are the biggest equated with the universe being so big not necessarily meaning the universe itself was the most important thing (that’s what I took away). But yeah, very long and very ‘round about the path slowly’ kind of article.

Perhaps a 300 or so word summary in 10 for points would be more engaging for people to read, as the topic itself is certainly worth a discussion?

Hi @Christopher_Michael, thanks for sharing with us! Yes, this article was originally a sermon from 2014. It has been edited slightly (taken out time sensitive materials, etc.), but yes, was is in its first form a 35-minute sermon read/preached. That’s why it’s so long! It’s meant to be a broad overview for a large congregation that all might be at different spots on their journey.

It preaches to the converted, like all apologetics. I’ve met Sir John Polkinghorne. He held an audience of academics utterly spellbound at Northampton University. Our paths converged on the way to the car park afterwards with appropriate valedictions. Just wanted to name drop.