New Article: Caring For Creation as New Creations

Through the examination of cosmology patterns, we can see how God’s plan for creation includes Christians as “new creations” caring for the world they’ve been given.


I love this article! Everyone should read it. I’ll throw out just a couple of gems to get the ball rolling:

Just as humans are progressively transformed and will be made new, all of creation is being progressively transformed and eventually will be made new.

The coming of this new creation has important practical implications for Christians… the Holy Spirit works in a pattern of origin, progress, and renewal. He progressively renews creation from its origin to the eventual new creation.

As redeemed creations in Christ, we are not headed for destruction, but a state of glorified renewal. Likewise, all of creation is not rushing toward destructive judgment, but reconstructive renewal. Jesus gave his church a mission to redeem not only his people, but his physical creation.

Creation care should matter to us because the physical creation matters to God. Christians should care for the creation because God is actively renewing it, and he calls us to join him in his work.


I thought there were lots of great nuggets in there, as well!

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