Near Death experiences

Different cultures experience their own version of near-death experiences. Hindus have their own. Christians have their own. Muslims have their own. Etc.


I don’t think it’s anything supernatural at all. Within each country and faith there is a wide range of beliefs. It’s just some kind of fabrication or biological process.

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I don’t think it is cultural, but it may seem that way in the way that a person may try to make sense of it or explain it.

I had a NDE back in 1988 or 1989, I can’t recall the date exactly.
I had some breathing difficulties and then suddenly I saw that I was moving towards a horizon of brightness. At some point I slowed down and I realized some of my spiritual allies were there. They said “you have reached the point of no return” It was as if there was a line on the ground. They then said “it’s okay you can cross over if you want to and come back to us.”

I thought for a second it seemed and I immediately said “I came here to do something.” with that I started to move backwards away from my allies and the brightness/ horizon full of light. The next thing I knew was that I felt my body and it was like getting into wet clothes. I was experiencing great difficulty in breathing but there was someone that helped me and I recovered.

Now if I tried to explain it certainly my belief in an afterlife would be how I explain it. Also the presence of my spiritual allies, one of whom is my guru after she passed over, would be evidence for me that the experience was real and not some sort of imagination.

I don’t know what culture you’d say I was a part of. I still have strong Hindu beliefs, even though I have become a Muslim. And I am Greek Australian, both of these cultures are different, but I relate to both. So my explanations would no doubt take in all that I am a part of. However this is only in trying to explain it and make sense of it. The NDE experience however was real and one of the benefits of it is a total lack of fear of death. I had little fear of death before this because of memories of past lives, but the NDE wiped away any fear that I’d had. I don’t think this can happen from mere imagination.

My father was in the hospital and tried to get up to wash a bit and comb his hair. This pulled out a wire, causing the monitor to register a flat line and the nurse to rush in. He said there were no bright lights or voices or anything like that. I pointed out that his attempt at combing showed that he was de-parted.



If you want to really have a NDE just open some hospital bills.


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