Neanderthal Genes in us

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banana genes also in us.

by the way- neanderthal was fully humans.

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glad you agree. How about the Denosivans? How about the common ancestor of Homo Sapian, Homo Neanderthal, and Homo Denosivans? What about Home Naledi? And Homo Flores? Are you drawing the line at Homo Habilis or do you include the Australpithecus?

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i think that most of the homo species are fully humans. with variations here and there.

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So you draw the human/non-human line at the Australpithecus/Homo Habilis boundary?

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maybe.we need more data from the current stage to know.

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Of course we need more data, but with the data that we have and your personal intellect and reasoning, where do you personally draw the ape/human line? Don’t worry you can change your mind when new data comes in, but where do you make the distinction now in Dec 2015?

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Friend Patrick,

When I attended a meeting at Regent University, I met a professor who addressed the concept of Neanderthals. He said that people who have red hair had Neanderthal ancestry mixed with Homo Sapiens. I would like to hear your opinion on this. The professor was Dr. Bouma-Prediger. My hair, when I was younger, was dark brown. I suppose that leaves me out since no one in my recent family had red hair. I did have one relative with red hair in the sixteenth century. My ancestor, Morris Wynne of Gwydyr, was married to Catherine Tudor of Beraine. She was a great-granddaughter of Henry Tudor, King of England and Earl of Richmond. Henry VIII was her granduncle. His hair was supposed to be red. That was revenge on Edward I of England who killed my ancestor Prince Llewellyn of Wales in 1282. England had a Welsh King with Henry VII. I just thought this might be interesting. Ms. Tudor on BioLogos could be my distant cousin. Good night my fine friends! Oh, Catherine’s grandfather was born out of wedlock; therefore, he could never be King of England. Oh, Patrick, I met Dr. Numbers at Regent University. He and I became good friends. I was offered a membership with the American Scientific Affiliation. I am very humble about that. What do you think?

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i think that most of the homo species are fully humans. we may check this with the hands lenght and the feet structure.

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There has been a lot of new discoveries about Neanderthals in the past few years. Whole genomes of several Neanderthals have been sequenced and compared with us. You can have your genome sequenced very inexpensively now. Maybe you are in fact decedent from a king and have some neanderthal DNA in your genome.

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Friend Patrick,

I wish to thank you for your great response. I believe I am happy to say that I am better looking than Neanderthals; however, we agree here 100%. You are a smart fellow, Patrick. Thanks for your fine comment. It is always a pleasure even when we disagree. :relaxed: :evergreen_tree:

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Maybe not to a young Neanderthal woman. :grinning: Have a Merry Christmas.

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