Neanderthal genes gave modern humans an immunity boost, allergies

Did I get my allergies from my Neanderthal genes?


Patrick, you must be correct because I am called Deacon Allergy? :grin: I am adding more to this. I did have to take an allergy pill this morning. Have a good Saturday, Young Fellow! I hope your wife is cocking something good today. Oh, I just wanted to mention something else. I do believe in Theistic Evolution ; however, I said I believed in Progressive Creationism-Non-Common Ancestry to torment Eddie. I hope you find that amusing. :laughing: I would like to add more. I like the article very much. I ate Italian this evening: Speghetti! If I misspelled it, please correct me. :laughing:

Your friend,

Dr. Hannibal Lector, Jr.

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