My Octopus Teacher : a wonderful film

For Earth Day, our library showed the documentary, “My Octopus Teacher.” What a beautiful film it was! A diver comes across an octopus in the kelp forests of South Africa. He decides to visit her every day, and they form a bond. Her intelligence is uncanny, especially in avoiding sharks. The sequence of her running from a shark was reminiscent of a Tom and Jerry cartoon! At one point she climbs on the shark’s back to throw it off the trail, and then makes a jump for it in a thick forest of kelp, wrapping herself in thick strands of kelp.

The diver was so affected by his experience with the octopus that he founded The Sea Change Project. You can view the trailer at the aforementioned web site. The film is available on Netflix.


Thanks for sharing – I’m hoping to watch that the next time I renew Netflix – it looks very interesting. Octopods are fascinating creatures, especially considering how much we still don’t know about them.

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Yes, Netflix is good for a month or two per year.

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It’s an okay movie.
It’s about a man going through a mid-life crisis, something that happens to us all.

LOL! You’re not an octopus-lover, are you?

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:smile: I don’t really like them no, but I have eaten an octopus a couple of times. Didn’t particularly like it either.


Kinda like eating a really smart kid. Science Says: Octopus Brains are Something More Than Human…


It won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature

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