Mutual dreams and the supernatural

Is there a scientific explanation for why two different people can receive a near identical dream?

I ask this because of an experience shared by two members of my family that I believe may believe to be the result of supernatural activity.

Whilst on holiday in Wales my Grandmother and Cousin both experienced the same dream of an evil woman attempting to lure them into danger. As an atheist I mostly just ignored this story out of cognitive dissonance, but now, as I accept the supernatural as a reality, I now take it more seriously, and see parallels with the Lilitu demon in Babylonian and Jewish mythology, as a nighttime demon which seduces people in their sleep. Sure, this seduction was non-sexual, but I still see it as a parallel or variant.

Has anyone got a scientific explanation for this?

Science only deals with things that can be measured in controlled conditions in a repeatable manner. Otherwise the most you have are rare events that can be put down to statistical anomalies which say absolutely nothing about what governs things in the natural world.

In other words, what you see as result of supernatural activity others are free to see as coincidence only.

Dreams can be amazingly common based on our shared anxieties and experiences. For example, I have had recurrent dreams of forgetting I had signed up for a college class, and was too late to drop it. I arrive to class to take a test and know nothing on the test.
I have had variations of this dream for decades, and know from talking with others in competitive areas (mine was pre-med) that it is a common dream. Most doctors I know have had the same dream.

It is interesting that I have difficulty reading the test or whatever text is in my dream. I read once that the part of the brain used in reading is inactive during sleep, so that makes sense.

That came up in an episode of “Evil” a tv show where a psychologist helps a priest investigate miracles and possessions. The psychologist uses it to determine whether what she is experiencing is real or she is dreaming. I am less likely to conclude that something isn’t real just because I am dreaming.

Ha! I think that is the only episode I’ve seen! No wonder false science gets spread so easily, though that may be a true factoid, as I get frustrated in dreams when I can’t read the test questions and make sense of it.

Interesting. Thanks for this. If it helps, incubus and succubus (Lilith/Lilitu, etc) may be in part from hypnagogic hallucinations–I’ve talked with a specialist on sleep about them. They’re pretty common, frightening, and occur between sleep and wakening, especially with fatigue or sleep apnea (not necessarily with apnea). The frightening part is thought to be related to REM related or other sleep paralysis, which comes on commonly–you can’t move, but are very aware. A vision of a predatory or frightening woman is common. I’ll give you some references later, if you like. Thanks!

Me too… I have had this, and have met others with it :slight_smile:

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