Mutation Repair Mechanisms are not the issue

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I wrote: “, mutation occurs in virtually all life despite any cellular mechanisms to repair genetic mutation.”

You replied: "Without the mutation repair mechanisms in every cell, the DNA would turn into complete chaos, within a life time. "

William, you are missing my point. I find your discussion about “mutation repair mechanisms” perfectly charming.

But, with or without mutation repair mechanisms, there are still mutations that occur without repair. If they did not occur, there would be no variant alleles, there would be no changes in hair or skin color, food tolerances, etc. etc.

So why are you responding to my comment with the statement: “without the mutation repair mechanisms in every cell… DNA would turn into complete chaos…”

I didn’t even mention this aspect, nor did I have to in order to say that mutations occur despite the existence of your beloved “mutation repair mechanisms”.

I have read many a posting by someone who denies Common Descent or Speciation … but this is the first time I’ve encountered someone who asserts that there No un-repaired mutations!

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