Museum of the Bible to have exhibit on science and the Bible

This is going to be interesting. I enjoyed the museum, and it seemed to be be quite straightforward in its presentation, even having an exhibit about Gilgamesh predating the flood account, so this exhibit will be quite controversial I suspect. The article did not list who was involved in the consultations, which would be nice to know. I wonder if Biologos is involved in any way?

I don’t trust the MotB, they exhibited fake dead Sea scrolls

Neat! This quote gives me hope that they’re aiming to counter the false dichotomy of “science or the Bible”

“[We hope] that it makes you ask more questions as to where you believe you land on either side of the two parties — biblically based or scientific based,” McKenzie said. “If you really lean heavily to one of the other, we hope that it challenges your thinking and then think, ‘Maybe there is a lot of places where these overlap and actually are complementary to each other.”

At the same time, that view means that the Creation Museum will probably still have the majority of the “conservative Christian homeschoolers” demographic.

According to this post, Darrel Falk, Ted Davis, Se Kim, and Joshua Swamidass are some involved.

I’m relieved to hear that. Because when I read:

Included in the advisory panel are astronomers, biologists, and geologists.

I thought to myself … I see science expertise listed; what about faith-expertise? Sounds like this will be a hopeful inter-cultural influence.

They had five forged scrolls up. They had up a sign about the importance of verifying authenticity and explained that some scholars doubted the authenticity. Then upon further investigation they made a press release and removed the scrolls. How in any way shape or form is this not trustworthy?


Thanks for the post Phil,
I do not have much faith in this type of venture, especially after reading what they think are pressing issues in the minds of humanity.

Specifically, the exhibit seeks to answer six of the world’s most pressing questions: How did it all begin? What keeps the universe running? Are we different from animals? What are we made of? Where are we going? Are we alone?

What about: The source of religious conflict? or Why is there suffering? or Why are here? and mostly, Why are there so many interpretations of the Bible?

Best Wishes, Shawn

It’s a science exhibit. What could science possibly offer on the topic of Why are there so many interpretations of the Bible or what is the source of religious conflict? None of your questions touch on realms science can speak to.

Hey Christie,
That is not what the article says. It says “…will detail the contemporary debates related to scientific inquiry and biblical interpretation.” Anyway, I was just saying that the list of questions they have laid out do not come into the top 10 of the issues that most people deal with and want answers for, in my opinion. I would also say that religion cannot answer them either in a logical manner and could really the help of science to come up with better answers.
Best Wishes, Shawn

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