Mudskippers are fish out of water


Excellent article about mudskippers by Stephen Matheson. He writes,

> The mudskipper is the kind of animal that seems to have been designed to break the rules, to gobsmack humans by embodying something that the mind has deemed ridiculous or impossible. Mudskippers are aptly referred to as fish that make a living on the land, making them living examples of the kind of transitional animal that stalks creationist nightmares.

The article has links to videos.

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We could also add ostriches, seals, and otters to the list.

Somewhat like the Irreducible Complexity argument, creationists will often argue “what good is half a wing”, or other such nonsense. They claim that whale transitionals couldn’t exist because what species could survive being partially adapted to the water and partially adapted to land?

A picture of an ostrich, seal, or mudskipper usually shuts that argument down very quickly. At the end of the day, evolution has a much better imagination than creationists do.


For the most part, creationists need to get out more.

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