Mr. Krabs, I Have an Idea! Regarding Idealism

Pax Christi, everybody!

Is there any compelling evidence for Idealism?


In philosophy, the term idealism identifies and describes metaphysical perspectives which assert that reality is indistinguishable and inseparable from human perception and understanding; that reality is a mental construct closely connected to ideas. Wikipedia

On the contrary, I think there is compelling evidence against idealism. The evidence is the discovery in science of things which scientists themselves find impossible to believe. The evidence forces them to accept things about reality which their convictions and instincts rebel against. I am talking about quantum physics in particular, of course.

But while this is good evidence against idealism and evidence for there being an objective (same for everyone) reality apart apart from perception and understanding. The evidence is not sufficient to establish that reality is exclusively objective or entirely apart from our perception and understanding. Furthermore we have good pragmatic reasons for believing that reality consists of both objective and subjective parts.


Why do you ask? You know there is no requirement whatsoever, let alone evidence. Unless you think someone knows something you don’t. They don’t.

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