MPD And Salvation

I know this might be similar to the salvation for pshycopaths.But what about people with Multiple Personality Disorder?Are those people aware of God?Does every personality of them has a different understanding?If so how are they saved?God of course is sovereign but do we know how and if they can actually live a christianlike life with all those personalities?Thanks and God bless

Multiple personality disorder is a now referred to as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is usually not what you see in the movies. Here is a good summary:
As stated in the article, treatment is often effective and can integrate the person, often the victim of abuse, into functional life. So ultimately, with treatment my thought is they come to God like anyone else. Even when they are fragmented in thought and mind, they are still one person, but a person with illness and challenges.
But, am interested in what the collective thinks. Mental illness is certainly a difficult subject in relation to religion. Religion has not done well in dealing with problems of the mind, in many cases.


Yeah i whould guess that lol.I recently saw Glass and Split if you know the movies.The character had 23 personalities and they almost made him seemed like a demon poccessed man .

How though?

Correct. The Catholic church used to punish people who attempted suicide. Beethoven’s nephew was one sad case. And of course, treating mental illness as demon possession is cruelty of the highest order.


Ohh that was an irony.My bad :grinning:
PS i also didnt read it correctly lol

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