Mothers and Children: The Kingdom of God Belongs to Such as These

The human body is wired for survival in the face of stress and trauma, and mothers who experience pre-term birth are a testament to this. We are called to care for and support mothers and their children.

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not every woman has experienced pre-term birth and every creature is wired for survival in the face of stress and trauma, in fact there are many studies that can be linked to this Zoo visitors stress gorillas › News in Science (ABC Science).

Gods kingdom hmm lets talk about that where is it written who goes where when they pass or cross over also where does it say God discriminates against mother’s and their children and picks and chooses which of those get to enter and be reunited with loved ones i don;t think it does in fact many people still have no clue where god’s kingdom is some say its in new mexico some say it’s on earth i guess that would be true for the souls who have not crossed over but many do not know where that kingdom starts where those gates are

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